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the improvisor  

the improvisor  internet edition 2013......


In Memory of the great Dennis Palmer,
Chattanooga fellow improviser, barnstormer, regional leader

What's New?   
Old Timey Avant-Garde in the New South  
by Heather Palmer

Book Reviews

                Book Reviews

the improvisor  
exists for the purpose of sharing  experiences in world of  sound,
writings about sound, movement & musicperformance events of interest, 
 and to build a network of people & a web of information,          
in which to further develop and support the act of unabashed creativity and play....          

the improvisor  
founded in 1980 as a resource for musicians & composers of free improvisation,
to share music, ideas, articles, reviews, scores, and links to interesting sites...
travel journals, poetry, inspirations and more...

After 30 years of active service, the improvisor is no longer be actively reviewing individual media releases.
This was important in our founding years, as there were few publications substantially covering this body of work.
Now in a third generation internet age, there are many internet resources, catalog reviewers, artist blogs, and
of CD releases for this purpose.

Our new mission is to continue the discussion of free improvisation,
 musicians and artists creating  or writing about the field of free improvisation
are  invited to contribute artist images, writings on philosophy, theory, practice
and points of view on improvised music.

Please consider contributing.
All Articles and writings remain the property of the contributors...           

To Submit Articles, Art, Essays, Images, or Poetry:
by email to:  LSimprov@

send hard copy materials

the improvisor
2608 Millbrook Lane
Birmingham, Alabama  USA


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